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We’re thrilled to launch this new Your Money or Your Life platform for the growing global community energized to create financial freedom for themselves, others and everyone. If this speaks to you, you’re in the right place.


Your Money or Your Life – and everything you find here – is rooted in transforming your relationship with money, not just changing your money habits. The goal is to find and have “enough” (and then some) rather than always seeking “more”. This work requires rigor, honesty and a radical willingness to change. It equally requires curiosity and compassion, offering “no shame no blame” as a mantra for the journey. Money as a tool is both material and spiritual – to get what we need and to reflect on the meaning and purpose of our lives. We see our lives as both our own to live responsibly and as a gift and in service to our wider circles of community.


Grant Sabatier and Vicki Robin in Washington 2017

The Your Money or Your Life platform is a joint partnership between  Vicki Robin (Author of Your Money or Your Life) and Grant Sabatier (Founder of Millennial Money and Author of Financial Freedom).


We’re here to offer you the best possible information, inspiration, tools, and community as you transform your relationship with money and build your financial independence. Our culture-shifting financial education is rooted in the 9-step program in Your Money or Your Life, but we’re also connecting with other FI bloggers, authors, projects and programs to make financial intelligence, integrity, independence and interdependence (the 4 FIs) available for everybody.


Our society encourages us to identify with our jobs and stuff – what we do for money, what we have. Many spiritual needs – contribution, love, service, roles – are assumed to be filled by our jobs and our stuff – but they are not. Let’s unpack this, get smart about money and wise about happiness, purpose and meaning. With the 9-step program as the loom for our conversation, you will gain important insights and actionable strategies to align your earning and spending with your values and dreams.


At least 10% of net proceeds from the platform will be donated to programs teaching financial intelligence, integrity, independence and interdependence to kids through creative, engaging games, events, challenges and more.